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Toyota Amazon 4.2TD

Written by Graham   
Saturday, 16 August 2008 00:00

Having recently bought two tunning kits off you i must write this note to you I bought 1 for the mondeo ST 2.2 and 1 for a toyota landcriuser 4.2 td amazon bieng a bricklayer by trade i could not beleive how easy they were to install,

following the instructions i must say the performance of the mondeo has improved and really runs a lot smoother. I havn`t had time to take it on a long run yet but i intend to soon,as for the landcriuser well !!!!!

i fittted this on to the landcruiser in about 30 minutes having a cup of tea as well. six bolts off, plug in the unit, six bolts back on and connect to battery... job done

living in Hartland, N. Devon, i then drove to the village and back (about eight miles round trip) and with small country lanes with grass growing up the middle it wasn`t really a good test but on wednesday we decided to go to plymouth for the world fireworks championship.
WOW !!!

what a difference in performance, ecceleration and fuel econemy i honestly think that if i put my foot down we would have got to plymouth before we had left. FANTASTIC

thanks again for your help on the phone discussing which unit would be best. Honestly if you need a better reference anyone can come and have a go in my landcruiser ( if they have a pilots licence)

thanks again


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