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What is TUV Approval?

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TUV Approval is an EEC rating and required by all manufacturers of vehicles for cars and motor products.

In Germany these same standards apply to the sale of after-market parts, while in the UK so far they do not. 

While TUV approval is not compulsory to run a DTE Diesel Tuning System in the UK, it does indicate a level of quality which is not usually met by aftermarket automotive products in the UK.  TUV logo

In many countries, including Germany, it is necessary to register DTE Diesel Tuning System with the relevant authority, similar to a MOT test in the UK. We can offer you MOT parts certification for most of our tuning sets that is both convenient and acceptable for all vehicle servicing and registration procedures.

Only TUV parts certification allows for the legal use of your tuning system in German registered vehicles, as well as the receipt of necessary insurance cover.

And the best news: With DTE Diesel Tuning System we provide this certification at no extra cost!

You can read for yourself about how the Association for Technical Inspection certifies has increased performance, driver-compatibility and adherence to emissions limits of our products.

TUV certificates are all accredited by the Department for Vehicle Transport and valid for unqualified use in Germany and Austria. They are accepted at every vehicle testing point

For more information on TUV Approval standards please see the following pages: www.tuv.com


DTE Build Quality

Our engine remapping systems feature high quality injection moulded cases, high performance CPUs and original plug-in connectors made to the same quality standards as the vehicle‘s original equipment.


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All DTE Diesel Tuning Systems from Plug-N-Drive® have been designed to be compact and easy to fit.

They are supplied complete with the correct OEM wiring loom and connectors for the vehicle

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